How to care of your JACKPINE® socks

It won’t be long before you fall in love with your JACKPINE® socks and they follow you on countless adventures and challenges through thick and thin. Below is our essential guide to prolonging the life of your JACKPINES®, so you can keep your favourite companions comfortable and hole-free for longer.


  • Always turn your socks inside out (to avoid pilling).
  • Machine wash cold if possible, or at a maximum temperature of 30° degrees Celsius.


  • Never tumble dry.
  • Never bleach or use harsh detergents.
  • Never iron then.

Temperature and Detergent

The Heat is Not Your Friend: High wash temperatures can wreak havoc on your socks. Cotton and synthetic fibers, the building blocks of most socks, have a molecular structure that weakens and shrinks when exposed to excessive heat. Think of it like stretching a rubber band – the hotter it gets, the easier it snaps back and loses its elasticity. Cooler water temperatures (ideally, cold) minimize this effect, keeping your socks feeling snug and supportive. If you have to, 30° degrees maximum.

Chemical Caution: Harsh detergents contain enzymes and bleaches that can break down the delicate fibers in your socks. Opt for gentle detergents formulated for delicates. These detergents use milder cleaning agents that remove dirt and sweat without compromising the sock’s structure.

Friction Fighters

Inside-Out Advantage: Friction is the enemy of a good sock. When your socks rub against each other and other clothes in the washer, tiny fibers break and cause pilling (those annoying little balls of fluff). Turning your socks inside out creates a smoother surface, reducing friction and minimizing pilling. Imagine it like putting on a protective shield for the delicate outer layer.

Sock Solidarity: Lost socks are a universal mystery. To prevent your favorite pair from becoming a solo act, consider washing them in a mesh laundry bag. This confines the socks together, preventing them from escaping the washer or dryer abyss. Sock clips are another option, acting as tiny handcuffs that keep your pairs inseparable.

Drying Dilemmas

Air It Out: Tumble dryers are notorious for shrinking and damaging socks. The high heat breaks down elastic fibers and shrinks cotton fibers. This scientific phenomenon is due to the way heat agitates the molecules within the fibers, causing them to contract and lose their original shape. Air drying, on the other hand, is a gentle and effective way to preserve your socks. Hang them neatly on a drying rack or clothesline, away from direct sunlight, to allow for even drying.

Bonus Tip

Trim your toenails: Sharp or jagged toenails can snag and tear delicate sock fibers. Regular trimming keeps your feet healthy and prevents your socks from becoming victims of accidental snags.

By following these science-backed tips, you can extend the lifespan of your JACKPINES® and keep your feet comfortable and strong, adventure after adventure!